Friday, March 24, 2017

New Skates

Friday, 24-March-2017 - Ter Aar - After my first skate this year, I decided to buy new inline skate boots.  My new rollerblades were too painful.  I didn't see the terrycloth-sock, roll-down option as a permanent solution.  I had done quite a bit of research since the beginning of the year.  I liked Wim's Powerslide Grand Prix boots.  They had an integrated inner and outer boot design.  Since the boots were not sold separately anywhere, I needed to get the frames and wheels as well.  My size--with 125mm wheels--was in stock at Jan van der Hoorn (photo) in Ter Aar.  It was a beautiful sunny day for a drive.  I got great service from a veteran ice and inline skater Bart.  I tried on the Grand Prix--very comfortable, as well as the K2 125--not enough support for me.  I wasn't sure how stable I would be on 125mm wheels; but after rolling around the showroom for 30 mins, I felt confident enough to decide.  I choose the Powerslide Marathon 125, because the buckles were sturdier than the buckles on the Grand Prix, and also because the Marathons had ventilation slots in the bottom of the boot.   pics (52)

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