Sunday, March 27, 2011

Biological Fun at Honus

Sunday, 27-March-2011 - De Rips - Today, thirty-four skaters and family members came together for the annual Fun-on-Wheels Family Day at the biological dairy farm Honus in De Rips. Farmer Johan van Zelderen was our host. We followed the cows out to pasture. After the tour of the farm, and before Bep and Gerard could surprise us with a treat marking their 50th wedding anniversary, Johan surprised them by serenading Neil Young's Harvest Moon. Great weather, great friends, great day. pics (260) feeding Honus dairy cattle (00:26) clip honus calves running loose (00:43) clip Harvest Moon serenade (05:10)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cherry Blossoms

Thursday, 17-March-2011 - Veghel - Cherry and forsythia blossoms are for me the first signs of spring. Rode to the AA-Broeken to see if the skating pond was still flooded. Also checked on the drainage of the Juliana Park.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tax Time

Tuesday, 15-March-2011 - Veghel - The Ides of March. Outside it was springtime, inside it was tax time. Just got done filing my income tax for both the United States and the Netherlands.

Ant's-eye View

Tuesday, 15-March-2011 - Veghel - Got low to the ground to get an ant's-eye view of the spring flowers around the house.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Traditional Carnaval Sunday in Veghel

Sunday, 7-March-2011 - Veghel - Carnaval is full of traditions throughout the world. In Kuussegat (as Veghel is called during carnaval) one of these traditions is the Carnavalsmis (carnaval church service) at the Sint Lambertus Church--laced with humor, but reverant and respectful. This years' motto is 't Is un skôn ding! (It's a beautiful thing!) We had perfect sunny weather. In the afternoon, went to see the optocht (carnaval parade). The route was lined thick with people of all ages. Saw these young pink ladies (photo). Also saw our neighbors Tineke and Gert performing with the Stappers. (350 photos)