Saturday, June 29, 2013

Zeven Eiken Dance Evening

Saturday, 29-June-2013 - Veghel - The music played by the Good the Bad and the Ugly (photo) was good and the Zeven Eiken community center was full. pics 14

Gülser-Mosel-Skaters in Brabant

Saturday, 29-June-2013 - Oirschot - In 2009,  the Gülser-Mosel-Skaters were the guides for a Fun-on-wheels weekend tour of the Lorelei countryside near Koblenz.  Now, Gülser-Mosel-Skaters Anja (photo), Heike, Helmut, Jan, Peter, Sonja, and Sophie were here to enjoy a weekend of skating in Brabant. Along with Fun-on-Wheels skaters Astrid, Bart, Conny, Maria, Mieke, Pieter, Tonnie and me, we all met in Oirschot at our guide Pieter's home. There, we were treated with coffee, Oirschot cookies, and a flag-waving drill demonstration (vendelen in Dutch, also called vendelzwaaien). Thanks to all, especially Pieter, for a wonderful day together. 15 skaters--good for 70 km. pics (239)  vendelen 16-june-2012 (6:42)
gps-tracked route (extra 17 km sitting in car on the way home) 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

De Toren Skaters Sand Dune Skating

Thursday, 27-June-2013 - It was three weeks since I last skated in Dinther.  We met at de Toren and drove to De Rustende Jager situated at the edge of the Loonse en Drunense Duinen (Loonse and Drunense Dunes) National Park the starting point of this evenings inline skate tour. During the day, the area is bustling with activity.  This evening, we had it almost to ourselves. Six skaters--good for 30 km. pics (34)
gps-tracked route part 2

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday Evening Inline Skating

Tuesday, 25-June-2013 - Boekel - The sun came out as we got closer to Boekel--a great evening to skate! 12 skaters--good for 30 km.  pics (57)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Veghel in Sneakers

Sunday, 23-June-2013 - The weather was threatening, but we met at Sligro meeting point for today's tour in support of Veghel in Sneakers (Veghel op Gympies). It's a bi-annual event wear Veghel sport clubs present themselves. I saw the familiar faces of Kempo Hu Quan. Fun-on-Wheels also showed off. 11 skaters and one solex rider--good for 25 km. pics (109)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Warm Evening for Skating

Tuesday, 18-June-2013 - Boekel - It was 30 Deg Celcius when we started our evening skate from Boekel! We stopped in  ’t Oventje (photo) for a "coffebreak."  Our usual stop Cafe’t Oventje was closed, but neighbors Masja and Johan invited us to take a break in their backyard. We were treated with soft drinks and watermelon.  What gracious hospitality! 14 skaters--good for 30 km.  (pics 49)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Flea Market

Sunday, 16-June-2013 - Veghel - Marij and I got up at 0500.  I had loaded up the cars yesterday evening. It was time for the Veghel Vaderdag Vlooienmarkt (Father's Day Flea Market). We saw familiar faces and met some new people, like John from Toronto.  There was also a new attraction:  the charming Hoog Nodig (Got to Go Now) ladies and their lovely-decorated toilet trailer (photo). Shortly after noon, the Patrouille de France waved goodbye to the Netherlands on their way to L’Armada de la liberté (The Sails of Freedom) in Rouen. pics (102)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Flying Display Day 2

Saturday, 15-June-2013 - Volkel Air Base - We got a short but heavy shower of rain in the morning.  Chris picked me up at noon, and we headed for Volkel. The traffic was backed up at the villlage of Volkel near the air base.  We saw "Stitch" the Dutch Solo pilot taking his F-16 through it's paces under dark clouds above Swiss Sense before riding our bikes to the main entrance. When we got to the airfield, the air was clear and sky was blue--a great day for an air show.  Today, we stood near the Frecce Tricolori as they taxied to the runway the leader. the solo pilot Captain Fabio Capodanno (photo) waved as he rolled by.  150,000 people came to see the action today!  pics (919)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Luchtmachtdagen 2013

Friday, 14-June-2013 - Volkel Air Base - This year, the Luchtmachtdagen (Dutch Air Force Days) are being held at Volkel Air Base--250,000 people are expected to attend over two days (14 and 15-June)!.  As I was parking my bike, I got a glimpse of the the Red Arrows arriving over the tree tops. Frecce Tricolori, Patrouille de France (photo) were also impressive. Actually, I was impressed with the entire flying display.  Thanks to the Volkel team and all the participants for a great day!
pics (985)
NL F-16 Solo Display (19 sec) 
Frecce Tricolori (91 sec)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dinther Skating

Thursday, 6-June-2013 - Dinther - Sunny and warm.  Ten skaters--good for 30 km. pics (66)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Boekel Skating

Tuesday, 4-June-2013 - Boekel - Warm and sunny.  Had a coffee break in Odiliapeel 13 skaters--good for 25 km. pics (32)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Skating in National Park Sand Dunes

Sunday, 2-June-2013 - Veghel/De Moer- After a short night's sleep, I woke up to a glorious sunny day.  I had a good breakfast, and I made a good lunch before heading back to De Moer.  The farmhouse was spic and span when I got there.  after a group photo, we headed for the Nationaal Park De Loonse en Drunense Duinen (photo).  Nineteen skaters, one bicyclist, and one solex rider--good for 42 km.  It was a super Fun-on-Wheels weekend!  pics (202)
gps-tracked route (partial) 

Oldies Back on Stage 2013

Sunday, 2-June-2013 - Veghel - After I got back from de Moer, I took a short power nap. Marij and I got to Oldies Back on Stage at the Blauwe Kei in time to see Square with Addy van den Krommenacker (photo).  What a great show! Then we listened to El Cid and Otis Redding in the form of the Louis Windzak Soulband.  We got home around 0100. pics (31)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Skating to Heusden

Saturday, 1-June-2013 - Heusden - After a good night's rest and a healthy breakfast at de Korte Hoef camping farmhouse, we headed for Heusden. 22 skaters, one bicyclist, and two solex rider--good for 65 km.  After a quick shower, I headed back to Veghel.  Marij and I had tickets for Oldies Back on Stagepics (263)  gps-tracked route part 2