Saturday, August 13, 2016

Saturday Sligro Skating

Saturday, 13-August-2016 - Veghel - Met Boekel skating friend Jos (photo) on the way to the Fun-on-Wheels Sligro meeting point.  Marjon and Frans joined me for a smooth roll along the canal.  We were good for 16 km.  pics (30)  gps-tracked route

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Postel 2016

Saturday, 6-August-2016 - Oirschot - At around the 60 km mark, my left knee was hurting so bad that I was ready to take the bus back to Oirschot.  Mark, Toon, Jan, and Wil had already helped me get this far.  Luckily, Hélène asked me if I'd like to ride a bike for awhile, and Francine was willing to put her skates on.  Riding a bike with full bags at 20 km/hr in stocking feet while taking this photo was also hard work.  At the last stop in Knegsel, I traded places with Yvonne so I could skate the last 20 km.  I once again got a helping hand in my back from time to time from Hélène and Frans so I could stay with the group.  When we got back to Oirschot, there was a garden-hose shower and a barbecue.  Thanks to all tour participants, and especially my helpers and our host and guide Pieter for making this day to remember.  Seventeen skaters, two bicyclists, and one moped rider--good for 102 km! pics (147)    pieter's route  dale's gps-tracked route: part 1 part 2 part 4