Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Boekel Skating

Tuesday, 30-August-2011 - Boekel - Took a nap after getting back from Rotterdam. After supper, drove to Boekel. The evenings are getting shorter, but the sunsets are none the less spectacular. Thirteen skaters--good for 23 km. pics (22) gps-tracked route

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fun-on-Wheels Sunday

Sunday, 28-August-2011 - Oss - Marij chose to go to a car boot sale in Geffen today with a friend, and she suggested I go skating, which I glady did--a wonderful windy skate. We started in Oss, crossed the Grave bridge, skated along the dike. After the coffee break, we crossed over the Ravenstein bridge, passed through the Maashorst, and returned to the starting point. Thirteen skaters and one solex rider--good for 37 km. pics (163) gps tracked route part 1 part 2 bike ride home

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Electroworld Skating 2011--100 km?

Saturday, 20-August-2011 - Boekel - Perfect weather for Electroworld skating. I signed up for 100 km, but had doubts if I should press myself. I could always stop and ride with the safety bus, I thought. 135 skaters started at 1000. Shortly after the 60 km rest stop, I felt the pace picking up to around 25 km/hr--I had to work harder to keep up. Maybe it was psychological. When I heard someone behind me say that "now this is a good pace", I thought I couldn't make it to the next stop about 15 km farther. I punched out of the pack at Langenboom with the intention to hop in the safety bus, but I rolled to a stop and sat down--too far away to be noticed. It was a long 22 km-skate back to Boekel on my own. To my surprise, I got back just in time to take finish photos of those who completed the 100 km. Thanks to all the skaters and volunteers for a great day. pics (242)
my gps tracked route
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Skating to Postel and Back--105 km

Saturday, 13-August-2011 - Oirschot/Postel - 16 skaters (aschwin, astrid, bart, carin, dale, elles, frans, henriette, jan, louis, manuela, marc, marion, pieter, ronald, and yvonne), one bicyclist (christine), and one solex rider (toon). Pieter Smits was again this year our host and guide. Predominantly a wet adventure, but everyone was up to the challenge. A swimming pool and barbecue were waiting for us when we got back--105 km. Super group, super day! (Photo Marc Molenaar). group photo
my pics (260) christine's pics (2) marc's pics (13) bearing cleaning(15-aug) (35) gps tracked route part 1 part 2

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bicycling to Helmond

Saturday, 6-August-2011 - Helmond - Rode my bike to the Helmond open-air market. It's in the center of town near 't Speelhuis theater (photo). At the market, I saw the Vrijhof Vishandel team: Gerard, Gilbert, John, Luis, Marij, Nel, and Vivian. I was good for 45 km.

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