Sunday, July 24, 2016

Fabriek Magnifique 2016

Sunday, 24-July-2016 - Veghel - Marij and I rode our bikes to the center of town to start our discovery of this year's Fabriek Magnifique--a stimulation of all the senses.  After taking the chocolate factory tour, I walked under this WWII liberation parachute (photo) to get closer to the music of DafunQ.  I immediately loved it, wanted to dance, and felt moved to become their groupie. pics (162) dafunq clip don't you worry (00:41) dafunq clip play that sax (02:57)

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Eten en Skaten 2016

Sunday, 17-July-2016 - Oirschot - We had to wait for heavy rain showers to pass before we started, and it was slippery along the way, but it was oh so enjoyable when we stopped to have a meal like this (photo).  Thanks to Pieter our guide for organizing this great day.  Fifteen skaters, four bicyclists, and one moped rider--good for 65 km.  pics (180)  route

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Royal Welshbrug Skating

Thursday, 14-July-2016 - Den Bosch - The Royal Welshbrug (photo) was magnificently bathed in sunlight this evening. Four de Toren skaters--good for 28 km. pics (83)  gps-tracked route--part 1 gps-tracked route--part 2

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Saturday Fun-on-Wheels

Saturday, 09-July-2016 - Veghel - Desiree (photo) and Frans joined me today.  Three skaters--good for 21.5 km.  pics (16)  gps-tracked route 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

20 Years of Fun-on-Wheels

Sunday, 3-July-2016 - Since I joined 10 years ago, I've been taking pictures along the way.  I wanted to share the feeling of of what it was like on the roll in the middle a group of skaters, as well as show the beautiful countryside we saw.  Just fill in "fun on wheels" in the search field of this blog or click on Dale's Skating Adventures to see where we've been. Today we celebrated 20 Years of Fun-on-Wheels skating.  Twenty-one skaters, one bicyclist, and one moped rider--good for 42 km.  Thanks to our hosts Maria and Clemens for opening their home to us and making this a day we'll always remember.  pics (203)   gps-tracked route part-2

Friday, July 1, 2016

Kevin 33

Friday, 1-July-2016 - It's Kevin's birthday today.  Happy birthday, Kevin!  Thirty-three has been my favorite number since I saw Cazzie Russell play for the University of Michigan.  He instantly became my basketball hero. Thirty-three was my number (photo) when I played volleyball for the Las Vegas YMCA.  pics (5)