Saturday, July 25, 2015

European Championship Womens Fast Pitch Softball--Day 7

Saturday, 25-July-2015 - Rosmalen - NL vs CZ.  The rain subsided enough to start (photo). I totally underestimated the ability of the Gryphon's ground crew and the determination of the European Softball Technical Leadership.  I never thought the field would become playable after stopping play in the fourth inning.  I didn't realize that the Dutch and Czech teams went to the locker room.  I thought they went back to their respective hotels.  I thought the tournament was over.  I said goodbye to Rob, Marjo, Charissa, Sabrina, Miquel, and Stefan, before heading home.  At 1830, back in Veghel after a shower, I logged into  At first, I thought I was looking at a previous game; but then I realized it was live!  It was the 5th inning--play had resumed. Marij came home from work.  We had pizza and watched the grand final NL-IT together.  Italy won the final, the Netherlands won silver.  Respect to all participants and spectators.  pics (191)
Play-by-Play & Stats

Friday, July 24, 2015

European Championship Womens Fast Pitch Softball--Day 6

Friday, 24-July-2015 - Rosmalen - NL and GB were just finishing game 81 when I arrived. I watched game 84 FR-GR with 1B Sylwia and coach Radim of the Polish team. pics (96)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

European Championship Womens Fast Pitch Softball--Day 5

Thursday, 23-July-2015 - Rosmalen - I joined Marjo and Charissa, sitting behind the backstop, left of the announcers booth. Game 69 NL-CZ was about to begin.  Here Chantal Versluis (photo) at bat.  pics (151)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

European Championship Womens Fast Pitch Softball--Day 4

Wednesday, 22-July-2015 - Rosmalen - Friend Marjo Soumeru had been reporting progress for the past couple of days on facebook.  I didn't realize that she was talking about European Championship Womens Fast Pitch Softball in Rosmalen (only 35 km from Veghel) and the Dutch National Team--her daughter Rebecca's team. I arrived at the Griffon's playing fields just as Rebecca was warming up (photo).  I had Rebecca's father Rob, my friend and volleyball teammate of 40 years ago, on the phone.  He saw me walking up to him as we spoke.  It was great to see each other again.  pics (74)