Thursday, May 24, 2007

To Nistelrode and Back

Thursday, 24-May - VEGHEL - Wonderful sunny weather today--26 Deg C. This evening skated to Nistelrode--18 km round trip. Here are the rest of the pics.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Skating to Uden

Wednesday, 23-May - VEGHEL - Got home from work today at about 1530--still working half-days this week. Sat in the back yard (it was real nice and warm), took a picture of the roses--they remind me of my Aunt Bertha who lives in Livonia, Michigan, and that her birthday is coming up on 15-Jul. Roses are her favorite flowers. Took a nap, ate supper (macaroni mixed with sloppy joe hamburger meat---mmm, mmm) with Marij and Rosan. A little after 1900, went skating to Uden via Vorstenbosch. Round trip was 14 km--took about an hour. Here are the rest of the pics.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Saturday Fun on Wheels

Saturday, 19-May - VEGHEL- Went skating with the Fun on Wheels group. Each Saturday we meet at the Sligro in Veghel. We headed for Nijnsel and split in two groups: Bart, Marij, and Tonnie--Ronald, Tineke, and Dale. I stayed with Tineke and Ronald, because we would be working on technique, and we would be stopping to rest more than the other group. It was a beautiful spring day. We were good for about 18 km. Here are the rest of the pics.

Skating in Veghel

Friday, 18-May - VEGHEL - It was a nice warm day. I still felt my bicycle seat from the day before so I went skating. I needed to gradually get back in shape to join my inline skating club friends. I skated to MOC , my PC shop. I then headed for MacDonalds to say hi to Rosan, before returning home. I guess it was about 9 or 10 km in all.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Vat Oe Fiets--Bicycling Tour

Thursday, 17-May-2007 - VEGHEL - It's Hemelvaart (Ascension Day), a national holiday. Today, Chris and I went on the annual Veghel bicycling tour "Vat Oe Fiets." That means "Grab your bicycle." We got started at 10:35 AM. It took us three and one half hours to ride 50 km--Chris was taking it easy on his dad. There were check point stops along the way where we could get our tour cards stamped and also get a snack and a drink. We missed two of the checkpoints. One mistake shortened the route by 3 km--we guessed at a fork in the road (instead of reading the directions). Luckily, it didn't take long before we got back on the route. Here are the rest of the pics.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Birthday in Hellevoetsluis

Sunday, 13-May - VEGHEL and HELLEVOETSLUIS - Mother's Day. Had a pancake breakfast with Marij, Chris, and Rosan at home in Veghel. Then Marij and I went to Hellevoetsluis to celebrate Katherine's (14-May) and Martin's (20-May) 27th birthday, along with Henk, Joke, Sandra, Ronald, Lynn, and Femka. Here are the rest of the pics.
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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dale Skating Again

Tuesday, 8-May -VEGHEL - Started skating again last Saturday (6 km—see link). It's going good at work (this week 3 x 4 hrs).

Dale Recovering from Snowboard Injury

Saturday, 28-Apr 2007- VEGHEL - Sorry I haven't written for a while; I've been out of action, recovering from a snowboard injury on 29-Mar. I didn’t want to worry you, but now it’s time to get my friends farther away from Veghel up to speed. I called my Mom from the hospital, so she and my brothers and sister knew right away.

I started back to work this past Wed and Fri on a limited schedule I got from our company doctor (see below). Last Saturday jogged for 2km. Rode bicycle last Tues: Veghel-Erp-Keldonk-Veghel—14 km. Haven’t been on skates yet.

Had a CCT scan on 18-apr-2007. My neurologist her in Veghel said everything's okay. I can gradually resume normal activities. I've been taking it easy since I got back from Austria. That's hard to do with the warm summer weather we're having now. Marij and Rosan are taking good care of me. Until last week, I had a bed in the living room, and the head nurse (Marij) said not to spend any time a the PC--also hard to do. I got lots of e-mails, cards, and visits from friends here: ski vacation, volleyball, skaters.

I returned home on 3-Apr in an ambulance from a ski vacation in Austria. I got a concussion on 29-Mar while snowboarding (without a helmet). I was taken to the nearest hospital (St Johann—15 min from Waidring, our ski resort) with a tracked snow grader, mountain gondola, and
ambulance. The first CCT scan showed bleeding between the outer protective covering and the left frontal lobe (subdural hemorrhage). I needed to remain in a hospital, that could operate if needed, for observation for two or three days. Within 15 min, I was put on an emergency helicopter and flown to the University Hospital in Innsbruck (100 km away). A delegation from our skiing vacation group (52 men and women), Chris (my son) and a very good vriend, Guillaume, came to visit me in the hospital that evening. The next day I had a second CCT scan. This showed that the blood had receded--the danger had passed.

The entire time in Austria, I had dear angels looking over me--I'm really thankful for that.

Dale’s Limited work schedule

week days x hrs weekday
17 2 x 4 W F
18 3 x 4 M W F
19 3 x 4 M W F
20 5 x 4 M T W TH F
21 5 x 4 M T W TH F
22 5 x 6 M T W TH F
23 5 x 8 M T W TH F

Here are the photos of my ski vacation. Included are pics at the hospital in Innsbruck. How quickly a vacation can change into something else. Fortunately, I got a second chance to wear a helmet. I also got a second chance for a lot of other things.