Sunday, July 22, 2012

Car Boot Sale

Sunday, 22-July-2012 - Oss - We got up at 0530.  It was our second time this year at the Geffense Plas Carboot Sale.  We had great weather!  I was ready for a nap when we got back home. pics (40)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Eten en Skaten

Saturday, 21-July-2012 - Oirschot - It's a yearly tradition:  Eten en Skaten (eating and rollerblade skating, pronunced 8-ten 'n skate-ten) with host and guide Pieter.  This year we had 20 skaters--including Jenny (photo), three bike riders, and fantastic weather--we were good for 68 km.  pics (204) bearing check (33 sec) music buggy  lake house (music) gps-tracked route part 1

11.30 samenkomst aan De Stad 8, 5688 NX Oirschot.
11.30 koffie/thee met gebak
12.00 opruimen en WC-bezoek
12.15 aandoen van skates en bescherming
12.30 vertrek voor 22 km
13.50 soep bij Herberg De Mispelhoef te Eindhoven
14.30 vertrek voor 24,5 km
16.30 hoofdgerecht bij herberg brouwerij De Gouden Leeuw te Vessem
17.45 vertrek voor 18 km
18.45 nagerecht bij Gasterij De Beurs te Oirschot
19.30 vertrek voor 2 km
19.45 aankomst in De Stad 8
20.00 evaluatie onder genot van een drankje.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Empella Work Shop

Wednesday, 18-July-2012 - Erp - After a trip to Gemert, I saw a construction site where my favorite bike shop Empella used to be situated before moving the showroom to Uden.  I parked my car and walk to the new work shop location for repairs and service. There, I had a nice chat with technician and international mountainbiker Lucien. pics (7)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

De Toren Skating

Thursday, 12-July-2012 - Dinther - Not raining today.  Rode my bike to our meeting point at Cafe de Toren. We headed for Veghel. Saw Marij at the town square.  Eight skaters--good for 26 km. pics (44) gps tracked route

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Tuesday, 10-July-2012 - Veghel - The first time I tasted wortelstamp, a traditional Dutch meal consisting of mashed carrots, potatoes, onions, was 36 years ago.  Marij said it was perfectly normal to have a meal without meat--I protested. The wortelstamp tasted good, and I've enjoyed it regularly since.  Today, was the first time I made it myself.  Since I was the cook, we had sausage on the side.  I started at 1730 and was done at 1830.  I kept it warm until Marij and Rosan came home from work. pics (14)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend After 4th of July Backyard Barbecue

Sunday, 8-July-2012 - Veghel - It was time for the long-awaited Weiss Family Weekend After 4th of July Backyard Barbecue.  The weather cooperated. Marij joined us after working at the annual market in Appeltern.  pics (28) barbecue prep pics (12)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Sligro Skating

Saturday, 7-July-2012 - Veghel - The Slokdarm Festival was already a memory. The town had been quickly put back in order. Today we skated past the Kilsdonkse molen.  Five Fun-on-Wheels skaters--good for 18 km. pics (49)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Saving Veghel Memories of Harrie Verhoeven

Friday, 6-July-2012 - Veghel - Neighbors Richard van Krieken and  Luuk (photo) volunteered to clear out remaining belongings of Harrie Verhoeven, Veghel BBA busdriver from 1955 to 1987. He was seriously ill and had just been moved to Sint Joachim & Anna Nursing Home. His only remaining relative, his niece, had collected some items, and left the remaining belongings for anyone who could use them. Marij was interested in items for the flea market, so she sent me to collect some things for her. When I looked upstairs, I knew that the memories of Harrie Verhoeven had to be preserved for future generations. Harrie, who I had never met, had similiar interests to mine:  the Liberation of Veghel and aviation.  Richard's father Peter had already brought some things to Jan van Oers of the Veghel history preservation society Heemkundekring Vehchele.  I did the same. pics (56)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July

Wednesday, 4-July-2012 - Veghel - It's Independance Day in the United States.  I raised the Flag to celebrate.  We decided to postpone the Weiss Family Barbecue so everyone here in Veghel could make it.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Marc's Bar-BQ Volleyball Team Summer Get-together

Tuesday, 3-July-2012 - Uden - We officially closed out the 2011-2012 volleyball season with a toast and great meal at of all places:  Marc's Bar BQ.  pics (9) 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Slokdarmfestival 2012

Sunday, 1-July-2012 - Ann Arbor/Veghel - It's my nephew Kevin's 29th birthday today. It's also the last day of the three-day bi-annual Slokdarmfestival.  Marij and I rode our bikes to the center of town.  There was something for younger and older--something to tantalize one's every sense.  Here children are playing in a stream created at the CHV complex now being transformed from an agricultural factory complex into a cultural center.  In the Juliana Park, met Audrey van den Heuvel & Piotr Bronicki who shared building experiences of their new home built with loam and straw.  Enjoyed a five-minute performance by Chantal van Heeswijk.  pics (263)