Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Tuesday, 28-march_2017 - Veghel/Uden - After my first two times skating in my new Powerslides, I realized that I needed more arch support.  After doing some reaserch and making a call to Arts Sportiek, I headed to Uden on my bike to buy some superfeet. There, I got great help from Richard, the owner.  pics (10) gps-tracked route
superfeet product insight clip (4:09)

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Fun-on-Wheels Rondje Dichtbij

Sunday, 26-March-2017 - Veghel - I biked by these beautiful cherry blossoms (photo) on my way to the Sligro meeting point.  I was our first Fun-on-Wheels Sunday tour of the year--Rondje Dichtbij (loop close by).  I got a one-time only kitchen pass from Marij to join along.  Thank you, Marij.  Great skate!  18 skaters, one moped rider, and one bicyclist--good for 25 km.  pics (43)  route

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Fun-on-Wheels First Sligro Saturday Skate

Saturday, 25-March-2017 - Veghel - in Europe, the clock "springs" forward this evening to daylight time (zomertijd).  At home, I first had to get my new Powerslide Marathon 125 skates in order before I used them for the first time.  That included fitting a heel brake (photo).  For Nora and Dorienne, it was their first time outdoors--real beginners.  Experienced Fun-on-Wheels skaters Bep and Ronald (on bike) joined us at the Sligro starting point.  We started out with skating posture and braking.  Then we went to the industrial park across the street to practice.  Two rounds were enough.  The beginners realized they needed to work on their physical condition, as well as skate on their own, before they could take on skating with the group, even at a slow pace. No rush, no worries.  We all had to start somewhere to get where we are at now.  It was 1700 when I said goodbye 'til the next time.  I then headed to Nijnsel to get some training time in for myself.  I was good for 17 km. pics (115) gps-tracked-route

Friday, March 24, 2017

New Skates

Friday, 24-March-2017 - Ter Aar - After my first skate this year, I decided to buy new inline skate boots.  My new rollerblades were too painful.  I didn't see the terrycloth-sock, roll-down option as a permanent solution.  I had done quite a bit of research since the beginning of the year.  I liked Wim's Powerslide Grand Prix boots.  They had an integrated inner and outer boot design.  Since the boots were not sold separately anywhere, I needed to get the frames and wheels as well.  My size--with 125mm wheels--was in stock at Jan van der Hoorn (photo) in Ter Aar.  It was a beautiful sunny day for a drive.  I got great service from a veteran ice and inline skater Bart.  I tried on the Grand Prix--very comfortable, as well as the K2 125--not enough support for me.  I wasn't sure how stable I would be on 125mm wheels; but after rolling around the showroom for 30 mins, I felt confident enough to decide.  I choose the Powerslide Marathon 125, because the buckles were sturdier than the buckles on the Grand Prix, and also because the Marathons had ventilation slots in the bottom of the boot.   pics (52)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Skating to Nistelrode

Sunday, 12-March-2017 - Veghel/Nistelrode - It was warm and sunny.  A perfect day for the first skate of the year.  I used the same setup as last year:  Rollerblade Tempest-C 100 mm, two-deg shims and terry cloth socks rolled down at the top.  My ankles were weak and pronated.  That caused rubbing between the outside of the boot and my outside tendons above the ankles.  Even though these skates were only one year old, I needed to look for replacements with better support.  I was good for 19 km--not bad for the first time out.  pics (51)  gps-tracked route