Tuesday, June 28, 2016

New Roof for Garden House

Tuesday, 28-June-2016 - Veghel - It's been rainy the past week, but there was no rain forecast for this evening. Chris (photo) came over after work, and we had supper before tackling the roof.  We had the replacement Eternit cement-fiber corrugated roofing sheets installed within three hours. Marij and Rosan supervised. pics (45)

Note:  Although the old roofing does not contain asbestos, Dutch regulations require disposal according to asbestos rules:  getting a permit and double wrapping in 0.2 mm PE clear plastic sheet before delivery to the township recycling unit.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Thunderstorm Bearing Spin Test

Saturday, 25-June-2016 - Veghel - I did a spin test to listen to the bearings after installing them back in my skates. video clip (1:43)

Thunderstorm Skate Bearing Cleaning--Part 2

Saturday, 25-June-2016 - Veghel - I thought I'd have to get new bearings for my front wheels after my bearing covers didn't fit; but during breakfast, I got an idea:  remove a bit of the aluminum cover--making it oblong (photo)--to allow it to slip by the inner diameter of the bearing.  pics (27)

Friday, June 24, 2016

Thunderstorm Skate Bearing Cleaning--Part 1

Friday, 24-June-2016 - Veghel - This is as far as I got before I realized that my old BSB bearing covers didn't fit my SG9 bearings. My bearings were peeping after the first cleaning, and I didn't want them to corrode any more.  I should have used WD-40 yesterday evening before I let them sit and freeze up overnight.
pics (18)

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thursday Caught in Thunderstorm Skating

Thursday, 23-June-2016 - 's-Hertogenbosch - It was warm and humid.  We chose to skate in Den Bosch this evening despite weather radar warnings in that area.  On our way to the center of town, we met these young enthusiasts (photo).  They followed and caught up with us as we stopped to decide which route we would take.  We escorted them back home before continuing on our way.  We stopped in the center of Rosmalen for an ice cream treat, but decided to head straight back to our starting point after seeing the downpour coming our way.  There was lightning and thunder close by, and it started to rain just before we got back.  I looked continually to make sure I wasn't the tallest object for a lightning bolt to hit.  I just concentrated on not slipping on the wet pavement.  I jumped soaking wet, skates and all, into Bart's car.  We all made it back safely.  While driving home, it hailed as I saw a brilliant sunset in my rear view mirror.  When I got home, I took my bearings out of the wheels and dried them off.  They were all turning, but the bearings in both front wheels were making some noise.  I'll need to clean these tomorrow.  Six de Toren skaters--good for 21 km. pics (35)  gps-tracked route

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Painting Purlins

Wednesday, 22-Jun-2016 - Veghel - Yesterday, I didn't know what a purlin was, today I painted four of them.  In Dutch, we call them gordingen.  The weather was sunny and warm, and most importantly, dry.  I dropped our car off at nearby Autobedrijf van den Heuvel for the yearly safety inspection and maintenance.  I rode a loan bicycle back home (2 km).  I worked until sunset to get done before the rain came (photo by Rosan).  pics (55)

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day Roof Project

Sunday, 19-June-2016 - Veghel - Chris and I built our garden shed 19 years ago.  The roof is ready for replacement (photo). The new fiber cement corrugated roofing sheets got delivered last Monday.  I started removing the old sheets today.  pics (107)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tuesday Evening Skating in Boekel

Tuesday, 14-June-2016 - Boekel - It started to rain lightly just as we departed from the Sint Agathaplein starting point, but we got to enjoy this view on our return to Boekel.  Fourteen Boekel skaters--good for 25 km.  pics (84) gps-tracked route.    

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturday Fun-on-Wheels

Saturday, 12-June-2016 - Veghel - I was alone today so I headed for Beek en Donk (photo), and then on to Gemert, before returning to the Sligro starting point.  The sun came out as I headed for Erp.  It was my longest skate of the year--it felt good.  One Fun-on-Wheels skater--good for 40 km.  pics (109) gps-tracked route part-1 part-2

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sunset Skating along the Maas

Thursday, 9-June-2016 - Macharen - Skating along the Maas (Meuse) river is always magical.  The ferry boat at Lith had engine problems, so we skated through low-lying (polder) farmland to return to our starting point.  We saw farmers using giant tractors and wagons hurrying to get grass for silage off the fields.   Six De Toren Skaters--good for 33 km.  pics (91) gps-tracked route

Monday, June 6, 2016

Warm Evening Skating in Geldrop

Monday, 6-June-2016 - Geldrop - This evening I went skating with the Eindhoven Rolleerder Skaters.  I was afraid we'd get rained out in Boekel.  I met Bart, Frans, and Jeannette at the 't Ven carpool parking lot.  In Geldrop, I saw familiar faces and two new ones:  Wim and Elly.  Yvonne was our guide this evening.  The route took us through wooded areas between Geldrop, Valkenwaard, and Eindhoven (photo).  Warm evening--great skate.  11 skaters--good for 27 km.  pics (52) gps-tracked route.