Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fun-on-Wheels Veluwe Weekend

Sunday, 28-June-2015 - Nieuw Millingen - This was a weekend we won't forget.  Thanks to Adriaan (photo) for organizing this year's Fun-on-Wheels "in-country" skating weekend.   He showed us the beautiful Veluwe countryside--the area where he grew up.  See links below for photos and gps-routes by day.  Twenty-two skaters and two moped riders were good for 130 km.
day 1
day 2
day 3 

Veluwe Weekend--Day 3

Sunday, 28-June-2015 - Nieuw Millingen - We were good for 43 km. pics (90)
gps-tracked route part 1
gps-tracked route part 2

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Veluwe Weekend--Day 2

Saturday, 27-June-2015 - Nieuw Millingen - Today's route took us by the Staverden Castle (photo).  At the 40-km point, we split up into two groups.  the first group went straight back to the starting point.  the rest headed for Palace het Loo, about 9 km away.  Just two kilometers from the palace, I was surprised by a down-hill grade.  My brake just slid over the smooth asphalt without slowing me down enough.  I remembered the scary downhill rides last year in Limburg, and I didn't want to get my speed up.  I rolled into the grassy shoulder to stop.  I headed for a big tree, hoping to use my arms to absorb the impact.  I forgot that my wrist protectors were designed to slide over asphalt.  My arms spread apart, and my face ran into the tree at around 10 km/hr--I dropped to the ground.  My neck took a jolt.  I stayed there for a few minutes to recuperate.  Luckily, my teeth and nose were intact, and I could move my neck from side to side without pain.  It could have been a lot worse.  Frans watched out for me as we skated back to our starting point.  Seventeen skaters, three bicyclists, and two moped riders--good for 60 km. pics (180) gps-tracked route part 2

Friday, June 26, 2015

Veluwe Weekend--Day 1

Friday, 26-June-2015 - Nieuw Millingen - A beautiful tour, but not without incident.  A fall and crash just before we got back to the starting point.  A fellow skater was taken to the Harderwijk St Jansdal Hospital. Twenty skaters and two moped riders--good for 28 km.  pics (159) gps-tracked route

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Maas River Skating

Thursday, 11-June-2015 - Oss - A warm summer evening.  We drove to our starting point just north of Oss.  We wanted to take the ferry at Lith, but it was temporarily closed due to an open-air theater presentation of "Dorp aan de Rivier" (Village on the River). We had to back track and hurry to catch the ferry at Oijen (photo) before the last crossing at 2100.  Five skaters and one bicycle rider were good for 40 km.  pics (68)  gps-tracked route

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Boekel Evening Skating

Tuesday, 9-June-2015 - Boekel - We headed for Aarle-Rixel, and took a coffee break at de Brabantse Kluis. Fourteen skaters and one bicycle rider were good for 30 km.  pics (42)  gps-tracked route

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Eten en Skaten 2015

Sunday, 7-June-2015 - Oirschot - In addition to my grandson Logan's 4th birthday, today was the annual Eten en Skaten tour.  This year we had twenty-two skaters, two bicyclists, one scooter rider, and fantastic weather.  We were good for 64 km. Many thanks to our host and guide Pieter. pics (115)
gps-route between soup and main course


11.30 u                 verzamelen in Oirschot.
11.45 u                 koffie met gebak
12.15 u                 opruimen en gereed maken voor vertrek
12.30 u                 vertrek voor 19 km skaten.
13.45 u                 soep
14.30 u                 vertrek voor 24 km skaten
16.00 u                 hoofdgerecht
17.30 u                 vertrek voor 22 km skaten
19.00 u                 nagerecht.