Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Evening Skating in Tilburg

Friday, 31-May-2013 - Tilburg - After supper at 't Maoske, we headed for the Friday Early Evenin' Skate Tilburg (FEEST) meeting point near 013 (photo).  It was my first time there.  The blockers were super!  130 skaters--good for 25 km. pics (112) gps-tracked route
clip 1 (28 sec) 
clip 2 (27 sec)
clip 3 (24 sec)

De Moer Skate Weekend--Day 1

Friday, 31-May-2013 - Veghel/de Moer -  I picked up Astrid and Bep and we headed for de Moer.  We met the other Fun-on-Wheels skaters at the soccer field parking lot.  16 skaters, one bicyclist, and one solex rider--good for 30 km. pics (185)
gps-tracked route  windy skating clip (22 sec)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Monday, 27-May-2013 - Veghel - It's Memorial Day today in the United States.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Omni Sand Dune Skating

Saturday, 25-May-2013 - Alphen aan de Rijn/Noordwijkerhout - The Omni Skaters from Alphen aan de Rijn invited Fun-on-Wheels for a tour which took us through the sand dunes between Wassenaar and Katwijk aan Zee--it was my first time to behold this wondrous landscape. I was already getting tired and cramped muscles (adductor magnus) before we made the climb to the dunes. "Drink water, keep moving." Marleen had become my personal coach. We fell behind. Lizette waited with me while Marleen got help. I couldn't find a stretch that worked.  An Omni rescue train--two skaters pulling me, and two skaters pushing--came and got me out of the dunes and joined up with the rest. The last 20 km I got help from Alle, Jurgen, Edwin, and a few other Omni skaters.  Great weather, smooth route, great company, great teamwork! Thanks to all for a wonderful day I'll not forget.  36 skaters and one bicyclist--good for 72 km. my pics (258)   gps-tracked route (thanks marleen)  video by Fred (4:55)  omni pics (68)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Vat-Oe-Fiets 2013

Thursday, 9-May-2013 - Veghel - It's an Ascension Day (Hemelvaartsdag) tradition for Chris and me:  the Vat-Oe-Fiets (Grab your Bike) bicycle tour.  Glorious weather.  We saw familiar faces along the way.  We were good for 56 km.  pics (132)
gps-tracked route part 1
gps-tracked route part 2

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Circus Herman Renz Comes to Veghel

Wednesday, 8-May-2013 - Veghel - Marij and I rode our bikes to a meadow on the outskirts of Veghel.  The Circus Herman Renz had come to town.  It was my first time to see a circus live.  Steers, goats and geese  have replaced lions, tigers and elephants, but the thrill and laughter remained.  Highly-trained horses, likable clowns, daring acrobats, skilled jugglers, a live orchestra, and a well-disciplined support crew.  We were children again. pics (208)
Skyline News clip (4:35)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dutch Liberation Day

5-May-2013 - It's Dutch Liberation Day (Bevrijdingsdag) today.   flag pics (27)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Remembrance Day

Saturday, 4-May-2013 - Veghel - Freedom isn't free.  The Dutch Flag is flying at half-mast today to remember that.  At 2000, everyone in the Netherlands observed two minutes of silence. I was impressed with the words of former Dutch Chief of Staff General (Ret) Peter van Ulm.
speech Peter van Uhm (Dutch)
speech Peter van Uhm (English translation)
 remembering  pics (18)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

De Toren Skating

Thursday, 2-May-2013 - We headed for Schijndel and an ice cream cone.  Ten skaters--good for 22 km.  pics (48)
gps-tracked route

Faithful to the Royal Family of Orange

Thursday, 2-May-2013 - Veghel - Marij and I went to the exhibition "Trouw aan Oranje" (Faithful to the Royal Family of Orange) hosted by the Veghel Historical Society. Many of the 5000 items donated by Mrs van den Broek-Relou were on display.  pics (76)