Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Evening Skating in Boekel

Tuesday, 31-08-2010 - Boekel - Made some extra sandwiches so I'd have enough to eat on the way home before I went skating. The weather report said it would be dry, but on the way home from work, I had my doubts. I biked over to Jan's place. I was later than usual, because I was trying to put in my clear lenses so I could see better as the sun went down. It turned out to be a beautiful sunny evening--perfect skating weather. On the way home, got an invitation for Jan's 50th birthday party.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aaron and Em Arrive in Holland

Wednesday, 25-August-2010 - Rotterdam - Woke up at 0330. Drove to Katherine's place in Rotterdam. We had coffee and then headed for Schiphol Airport. Picked up Aaron and his daughter Em(ilie). They're here from Amherst, NS for a three-week vacation.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Marij's New Car

Tuesday, 24-Aug-2010 - Gemert - Rosan drove me to P.J. Peeters in Gemert to pickup Marij's new car--a 2002 Ford Fiesta. salesman Mark van Nunen gave me the keys.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Skating the Electroworld 100 km

Saturday, 21-aug-2010 - Boekel - At the end of the day, I felt only admiration for all of the participants, volunteers, and organizers of this great event. I've been preparing and looking forward to this day all season--wanting to know if I had what it takes to finish the Electroworld 100 km. The sun shined throught the window around 0700 as I was getting my things together. Got to the starting point at 0920. Saw a lot of familiar and smiling Fun-on-wheels and Boekel Tuesday Evening skating faces. Spoke to fellow Waidring skiier Tini van Tienen. This was his 15th year for the Boekel 100 km--he was one of eight that finished the fist year. My thanks goes to Gerard, bicycling traffic controller, who helped me make it to the 80km rest stop, and also to Sijtze Hoekstra who gave me a helping hand for another 5 km. That's when Gerard said I was looking pretty tired and advised me to hop in the safety van. That's where I got to take some more pictures. After resting and bowl of soup, I biked back to Veghel.
100km route

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Skating to Oss

Wednesday, 18-August-2010 - Oss -I need to make some more kilometers before my attempt at 100 km on Saturday. Yesterday's Tuesday evening skate in Boekel got rained out, but this evening was dry and sunny. Got the stuck bearings rolling, and put them in the wheels. Perhaps I could roll out the remaining rust. Didn't get started until 1915. Got back after dark. I put in more than 30 km.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fun-on-wheels Sligro Skating

Saturday, 14-Aug-2010 - Veghel - After looking at a demonstration on youtube, I felt confident to take off the bearing shields of the bearings that got caught in a downpour--five weeks ago! Because I couldn't immediately get the shields off, I had thrown them away--these were the pressed on type shields. But after talking with Frans and Tonnie, I was going to see if I could salvage them. Five bearings didn't turn at all--these needed more patience...and penetrating oil. Frans and Ria were at the Sligro meeting point when I got there. Tonnie (photo) showed up a couple of minutes later. We headed in the direction of Keldonk.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oirschot to Postel and Back

Saturday, 05-August-2010 - Oirschot/Postel - A day to remember. Pieter was once again our super guide and host. I rode to Louis' house on my bike. We drove to the carpool meeting point in Veghel and then on to Pieter's house in Oirschot. 15 skaters and Toon on Solex. Fun-on-wheels Bart, Dale, Frans, Jan, Louis, Maurice, Marion, Maria, Pieter and Toon were joined by Ashwin, Jan, Kim, Marc, Marcella, and Wim. Great route, great experience with a great group of people. Everyone made it back in one piece. We got back just as it started to rain--just in time for a dip in the pool and the barbecue. Thanks also to Mark who made sure the slower skaters, including myself, made it back okay. He broke the headwind for us when we fell behind. Bart took some great pictures. PS. 101 km.

Bart's pics
Dale's pics

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday Evening Inline Skating

Tuesday, 3-August-2010 - Boekel - The evenings are getting shorter. We gathered at the Electroworld--it was kermis (carnival) in Boekel. It was too bad that Jan fell on his face and chipped his two front teeth. 16 skaters--good for 30 km.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fun-on-Wheels in Grathem

Sunday, 1-August-2010 - Grathem - Got a moment of sun while eating breakfast, but saw it again we arrived at our meeting point in Grathem. Great skating in the province of Limburg! 18 skaters, bicyclist, and moped rider--good for 35 km. Did some yard work when I got back home.