Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rosan's 25th Birthday

Sunday, 22-March-2009 - Veghel - Two more days and Rosan will be 25 years old. Katherine and Martin, and Chris and Claudia joined us to celebrate early.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fun-on-Wheels Family Day

Sunday, 08-March-2009 - Gemert - Today 30 Fun-on-Wheels skaters and family members met at the Boerenbonds (Farmers Association) Museum. Ten VéloSoleX motorized bicycles were lined up ready to mount, thanks to Toon and Tonnie. Inside after greeting each other and drinking a cup of coffee, we listened to Henriëtte explain the day's activities. I went with the first group of riders. It turned out that I had the fastest "Solex", so I had to keep squeezing the "clutch" to slow it down. Annie met us at the halfway point with a delicious cup of erwten (pea) soup. When we got back the museum, lunch wrapped in a handkerchief was waiting for us. We took an intermission to hear Bart introduce us to veghel4warchild which supports the international effort. We then got a guided tour from a retired farmer from the area. This reminded me of life on my Grandfather's farm when I was a boy. A wonderful day to remember.