Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Boekel Inline Skating

Tuesday, 10-May-2022 - Boekel - The sky was dark on my way to Boekel. Five skaters and one bicyclist this evening. We headed for Koks and then to Erp. The faster group also went to Boerdonk. 17 km for the not so fast group, and 21.4 km for the faster group. pics (17) gps-tracked route

Aaron's Birthday

Tuesday, 10-May-2022 - Veghel/Amherst - It's my son-in-law Aaron's birthday today! I raised the Canadian flag in his honor. It was windy so the flag was a bit unruly. pics (18)

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Sunday Fun on Wheels

Sunday, 9-May-2022 - Oirschot - It's Mother's Day. I first had to fix a hole in my fanny pack before heading out for Oirschot, our starting point for today. The sun came out as I was putting my skates on, so I didn't have to wear a jacket. It turned out to be a glorious day. The countryside was beautiful! I seemed to be getting stronger every time I'd go skating--22 km on Tuesday on 12 km on Thursday. I thought I could manage 30 km today with a coffee break in the middle. Boy was I wrong. I just couldn't get my speed up--I didn't have enough power. My heart medicine lowers my pulse, so I'm not pumping enough blood to go faster. I hope this will get better over time. I was slowing down the group. At the 11 km mark, I heard that the coffee break was still nine kilometers away in Boskant. That was too far for me. Pieter, our guide, suggested Henriette accompany me back to Oirschot via a shortcut. That turned out to be great idea for everyone. We made it back about 20 min before the others showed up. 11 skaters: Frans, Johan, Karin, Manuela, Marcella, Maurice, Pieter, Ria, Tonnie, Yvonne, and me, moped rider Toon, and bicyclist Henriette. Most were good for 30 km. Henriette and I: 19 km. Thanks to everyone for a great day! pics (41)  my gps-tracked route

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Big Hickory Tree

Saturday, 7-May-2022 - Veghel - I was born in 1949.  We lived by a big hickory tree, near a creek on a corner of my grandpa's farm in Amelith, a church community five miles from the edge Bay City, Michigan, USA. This is a photo of me and the big hickory tree in 1956. I often wondered if this tree was standing when my ancestors Christina Feinauer and Johann Georg Weiss arrived here from Bavaria one hundred years earlier.  Chippewa Land  Bay County Historical Records

Thursday, May 5, 2022

De Toren Skating

Thursday, 5-May-2022 - Heeswijk-Dinther -  Piet van de Pas joined us this evening. I was on time, but this is as far as I got when I tried to put on my skates (photo). I used my axle for a tryout configuration on a friends skate, but I forgot to put it back in--what a blunder! I told the others I'd go home, fix my skate, and skate a shorter route alone. As it turned out, I skated to de Toren, and I got a ride home from Martin. Henk, Martin and Piet were good for 38 km! I was good for 12 km. pics (41) my gps-tracked route

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Boekel Inline Skating

Tuesday, 3-May-2022 - Boekel - Four skaters including Maarten (photo) and Tonnie in the fast group, and Ria and I in the not as fast group. I had a hard time getting started, but it got better when we turned the corner had had the wind from the side, instead of straight on. Everyone kept and eye on me and made sure I could skate the route as planned. I felt that I was getting stronger. We were good for 22 km. pics (16) gps-tracked route

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Thursday Evening De Toren Skating

Thursday, 28-April-2022 - Heeswijk-Dinther - Gaby and Margret joined us this evening. We headed in the direction of Schijndel. I was last week's route in reverse. I finished at my own pace. It felt better than last week. Five skaters, one bicyclist. We were good for 17 km. pics (23) gps-tracked route

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Tuesday Evening Boekel Inline Skating

Tuesday, 26-April-2022 - Boekel -  We headed for the Volkel Airbase for a 25 km tour. Four skaters Bart van der Heijden (photo), Helie, Jan, and I (for the first time on skates this year in Boekel), and bicyclist Bart van den Heuvel. We were going to pickup Ria along the way. I thought I could handle it, because I skated 16 km last Thursday, and 27 km on Sunday. We had just started when I noticed that I didn't  have my camelbak (with water, tools, and lights) on. Bart and Helie continued on--I said I'd do a shorter route. I went back to the starting point for my gear. Bart called me up at the halfway mark to see if I was okay. it was pretty windy where he was. As it turned out, 18 km was plenty for me. the others were goo for 25 km. pics (30) my gps tracked route

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Fun-on-Wheels Anniversary Tour

Sunday, 24-April-2022 - Oirschot - I arrived in plenty of time at Maria's place in Keldonk for the Fun-on-Wheels 25th Anniversary Tour. It was actually last year, but delayed due to Covid-19. I was greeted by energetically bleating sheep (photo). But something was wrong. I was the only one there. I thought maybe Maria was doing a last minute errand before the guests arrived. I looked around. Dogs barking, house locked. I checked my agenda: at Pieter's in Oirschot. Oops! I was on automatic pilot. Our 20th anniversary was six years ago in Keldonk. I showed up in Oirschot just in time for the medal ceremony. Since I skated 16 km on Thursday, I thought I could handle 25 km today--I was counting on a sit-down coffee break halfway. Today's tour took us past Eindhoven Airport. Thanks to Pieter our guide and host, and to Annie and my other bicycling angels Annet, Desiree, and Henriƫtte who helped me get back in one piece. 20 skaters and seven bicyclists were good for 27 km. pics (52) gps-tracked route

Thursday, April 21, 2022

De Toren Skating

Thursday, 21-April-2022 - Dinther - It was my first time skating with a group this year. I thought, the longer I wait, the harder it'll be to keep up. we met two new recruits just outside of town (photo). We made sure they were safe until their owner came to escort them back home. Apparently, they manage to escape regularly. I fell behind soon after we continued. Bettina asked how it was going. I said pretty tough. Maybe you should head back. Okay, you go on with the others. I looked at my distance. I was only 3 km. Six kilometers is to short for a workout, I thought, so I kept on going to se how far I could get. Five skaters Henk, Magda, Martin, Monique, and I--Bettina on bicycle. Everyone else was good for 18.5 km--15.9 km for me. pics (33)  my gps-tracked route.