Friday, October 22, 2010

De Dijk in Uden

Friday, 22-October-2010 - Uden - Marij and I got tickets at the last minute. The Dutch pop group De Dijk performed last night in de Pul in Uden--what a great concert! We saw our picture on the front page of the Uden-Veghel edition of the Brabants Dagblad this morning.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jan 50

Sunday, 3-October-2010 - Uden - Got home in time to shower and get ready for afternoon skating with Jan. Fun-on-Wheels skating buddy Jan Verhoeven celebrated his 50th birthday today. Rosan dropped me off at Camping Slabroek. Thirty skaters were good for 30 km. When we got back, the Maffidjoosi pizza oven was going and Jan's Top 50 was counting down. We had a great party. It was just a super day!

Fun-on-Wheels in Best

Sunday, 3-October-2010 - Best - Got up at 0600 to go skating in the morning with Fun-on-Wheels in Best. It had rained a lot yesterday, but a warm sunny day was forecasted for today. Mark brought along his backpack boombox. It was a little slippery, but we took it easy. Stopped along the way to admire this magnificient mushroom. Eleven skaters were good for 33.5 km.