Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lommel Skating Weekend--Day 3

Sunday, 7-September-2014 - Lommel - I was back on skates.  Today, Jos took us to Leopoldsburg via the inland harbor (photo).  The route took us very close to Eksel, a village where we lived for three years, also the place where my daughter Rosan was born.  Like the previous two days we returned along the cemetery--we skated in respectful silence.  After saying thank you to Jos, we loaded our gear and headed for home.  We were good for 30 km.  pics (166) route (Jos)

Fun-on-Wheels Lommel Weekend

Sunday, 07-Sep-2014 - Lommel - This was a weekend we won't forget.  Thanks to Ria and John for organizing this year's Fun-on-Wheels "out-of-country" skating weekend. Special thanks to our guide Jos Bosman of All-Inline vzw  who showed us beautiful countryside so close to home. See links below for photos, clips, and gps-routes by day.  Twenty-four skaters and two moped riders were good for 132 km.
day 1
day 2
day 3 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lommel Skating Weekend--Day 2

Saturday, 6-September-2015 - Lommel - I'm glad I chose to ride my mountain bike today--I wouldn't have made on skates, only seven weeks after emergency surgery.  Today, Jos  took us through the center of Lommel (photo) before exploring the countryside, which also took a loop through the Netherlands.  This evening we put the grill over the barbecue pit.  We were good for 70 km.  pics (159) route (jos)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Lommel Skating Weekend--Day 1

Friday, 5-September-2014 - Lommel - We arrived at our home for the weekend:  Huis Over Grenzen Lommel (House Across Borders Lommel), a German youth hostile located on the Lommel German War Cemetery (photo). Our first tour took us through Stevensvennen.  After a nice meal at a nearby French fry takeout restaurant, we walked back to the hostile and sat around a campfire in the barbecue pit.  We were good for 33 km.
pics (199)
route day 1 (jos)
gps-tracked route part 2 (dale)