Saturday, March 25, 2017

Fun-on-Wheels First Sligro Saturday Skate

Saturday, 25-March-2017 - Veghel - in Europe, the clock "springs" forward this evening to daylight time (zomertijd).  At home, I first had to get my new Powerslide Marathon 125 skates in order before I used them for the first time.  That included fitting a heel brake (photo).  For Nora and Dorienne, it was their first time outdoors--real beginners.  Experienced Fun-on-Wheels skaters Bep and Ronald (on bike) joined us at the Sligro starting point.  We started out with skating posture and braking.  Then we went to the industrial park across the street to practice.  Two rounds were enough.  The beginners realized they needed to work on their physical condition, as well as skate on their own, before they could take on skating with the group, even at a slow pace. No rush, no worries.  We all had to start somewhere to get where we are at now.  It was 1700 when I said goodbye 'til the next time.  I then headed to Nijnsel to get some training time in for myself.  I was good for 17 km. pics (115) gps-tracked-route

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