Saturday, April 29, 2017

Fun-on-Wheels Saturday

Saturday, 29-April-2017 - Veghel - Five skaters today:  Bep, Marleen, Tonnie, Willy, and me.  We headed for Nijnsel via Zijtaart--returned via lovely countryside (photo).  We were good for 17 km. pics (21) gps-tracked route 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday Skating

Saturday, 22-April-2017 - Veghel - I adjusted my frames before heading out to the Fun-on-Wheels Sligro meeting point.  It was windy and dry.  It took a while for the clouds to make room to get a view of the clear blue sky they were hiding (photo).  I was the only skater at today.  I headed for Nijnsel so the wind would be at my side and not head-on--I made a counter-clockwise loop.  I was good for 17 km.    pics (72)  gps-tracked route

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday Evening De Toren Skating

Thursday, 20-April-2017 - Dinther - We headed to Schijndel this evening.  Saw a beautiful sunset (photo) on the way back.  Nine de Toren skaters--good for 19 km. pics (19) gps-tracked route

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Magnificent Boekel Inline Skating

Tuesday, 18-April-2017 - Boekel - I wasn't sure if it would stay dry this evening so I got my old skates in order, just in case.  It turned out to be a magnificent evening! Got to see an F-16 up close. 16 skaters--good for 17 km. pics (69) gps-tracked route.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Saturday Paaspop Fun-on-Wheels

Saturday, 15-April-2017 - Veghel/Schijndel - It's my youngest grandson Seth's first birthday today!  I got a late start getting ready for skating--I got to the Sligro starting point 15 min late--I was the only one there.  I'm so sorry if anyone got tired of waiting for me.  I headed into the northwesterly wind (3-4 bft) in the direction of Schijndel.  It was pretty slow-going until I got into a wooded area.  I hoped to get a glimpse of the three-day Paaspop (Easterpop) music festival in progress.  I heard music when I got to the crossroad.  I kept following the music.  When I came to this billboard (photo), I knew I was going in the right direction.  Returning homeward, the wind was my friend as I rolled over smooth asphalt along the canal.  On the outskirts of Veghel, I passed some grazing sheep (my best photo of the day).  I was good for 28 km.  pics (109) gps-tracked route.
Paaspop 2017 recap Zaterdag (video clip 2:02)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Skating to the Dungense Brug

Thursday, 13-April-2017 - Dinther - We headed northwest, along the canal and into the wind.  Monique took the lead with a healthy pace.  I couldn't keep up with the others who were better physical shape than I was.  My big wheels couldn't help me out with that.  Luckily, Wim held back and kept me company.  We crossed the canal at the Dungense Brug (bridge) and headed back to Cafe De Toren (photo). Nine De Toren Skaters--good for 24 km.  pics (40) gps-tracked route

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Boekel Tuesday Evening Skating

Tuesday, 11-April-2017 - Boekel - I got to Jan's house just as he was eating his supper.  It our first Tuesday Evening Skate of the year.  Three new skaters joined us this evening, including Anne (photo).  Maarten's brother Nol also joined us, after a 10-year break.  18 skaters--good for 16 km. pics (38) gps-tracked route

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Fun-on-Wheels Saturday

Saturday, 8-Apr-2017 - Veghel - A perfect day for skating.  We started out with position and balance exercises that Gisle Tverland taught us in Malmö.  His philosophy is to pass on what you know to other inline skaters--I promised him I would.  Astrid and I were good for 16 km.  pics (39)   gps-tracked route

Thursday, April 6, 2017

De Toren Inline Skating

Thursday, 6-April-2017 - Dinther - I was the first Thursday evening skate of the year.  As always, we gathered at the  Cafe De Toren.  Nine skaters (Bettina, Eric, Hans, Johanna, Magda, Margret, Roos, Wim, and me) were good for 17 km. pics (43) gps-tracked route

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Glorius Day for Inline Skating

Sunday, 2-April-2017 - Veghel/Oss - I needed to skate more, and today was a glorius day for it.  My feet needed to get used to wearing skates again.  I tried to remember how to avoid skating through the center of Nistelrode.  The windmill in Vortenbosch was magnificent!  Once in Oss, I rested my feet.  The outside tendons above my ankles were hurting--I tried taping.  I choose the most direct route home.  In Nistelrode, Tineke recognized me from the other side of the street.  What a nice surprise!  I was glad when I got home and took my skates off.  I was good for 36 km.  pics (113) (gps-tracked-route part-1, part-2

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Fun-on-Wheels Rained Out

Saturday, 1-April-2017 - Veghel - I canceled Fun-on-Wheels skating today as a precaution.  The 2 mm of rain that fell this morning in Veghel was very welcome, but for skating later this afternoon, it wasn't good thing.  At 1400, and to my surprise, the roads had dried up, and no more rain was predicted.  I adjusted my frames to the inside, I went to the Sligro parking lot to see if we could have rolled today.  I practiced position and balance, getting used to my new setup, including my superfeet insoles.  It was a good thing that I cancelled, because we got another downpour at 1630.  pics (22)