Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rained Out in Dinther

Thursday, 10-May-2012 - Dinther/Veghel - It was really warm, and it had been rainy of and on throughout the day--not too much, and the warm air helped evaporate what did fall.  Around 1730 the last bit of rain had stopped.  There were some more clouds headed our way, but I headed to Dinther on my bike anyway, hoping the rain clouds would blow over or go around us.  Got some raindrops as I entered Dinther.  Bart and Monique were already at the Cafe de Toren meeting point.  I asked inside at the bar about the weather radar reports:  we were in for some more rain around 2000.  No skating this evening.  We said goodbye until next time.  I put on my rain jacket on the way home.  At 2000 we got a good downpour.  I was glad to be inside.  pics (16)

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