Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dinther Inline Skating Fun in Den Bosch

Thursday, 24-May-2012 - Dinther/Den Bosch - It was a warm sunny evening--super weather for skating (and taking pictures).  After meeting at Cafe de Toren, we carpooled to our starting point across from the Dungense bridge on the outskirts of Den Bosch.  We stopped at coffee the Verkade Fabriek for cappuccino and iced-tea, and a group photo.  Nine skaters (Ad, Annieck, Gaby, Johanna, Magda, Monique, Wim and I)  and two bicyclists (Bettina and Margret), were good for 31 km.  The terrace was full back at de Toren.  Inside, it was decorated in orange, ready to support the Dutch team in the Eurocup.  We hung around and enjoyed each other's company. pics (93)

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