Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Baseball

Sunday, 1-May-2011 - Tilburg - A beautiful sunny day. The brisk wind was blowing out to left field. Carribean music was coming from the clubhouse. Today, Marij and I went to Tilburg to see Chris and Dudley play baseball. The Yellow Rangers were hosting the Vos Cardinals. Chris had just finish playing a game with Heren 3 (Mens 3) in Boxtel. I met Chris in the dugout. He was a reserve player for this game. It was the bottom of the first. When the Rangers took the field, I spoke to Dudley in their dugout. He was recovering from a hamstring injury. We sat in the sun on the Rangers side of the field. It was a high-scoring, exciting game. My thoughts took me back to when I played and coached myself. The score ended up at 8-13 for the Cardinals. I left with great respect for both teams. pics (142)

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