Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Den Bosch City Walk

Wednesday, 11-May-2011 - Veghel/Den Bosch/Uden - We had a nice rain last night. Our new dishwasher would arrive at the dealer today--the old one had served us well the past 15 years. As I was finishing breakfast, Rosan ask me to drive her to appointment in Den Bosch. It would be more than two hours, so I walked around the city to enjoy this bright sunny day. I was fascinated with the color, architecture, and sculpture against the blue, cloud-filled sky. I was amazed when the wings of the dragon (foto) turned red before my eyes--a city bus drove under them. The When we got back home, I found out the dishwasher could be installed this evening. A police helecopter circled above. There had been a helicopter crash and fire nearby. No one got hurt. Drove to Uden to officially close the volleyball season with my Marc's Bar BQ teammates. pics (206)

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