Thursday, May 14, 2015

Vat-Oe-fiets 2015

Thursday, 14-May-2015 - Veghel - In addition to my daughter Katherine's 35th birthday, today is the annual bike tour Vat-Oe-Fiets.  I rode to Dinther to pickup Chris, then we rode together to the starting point in the center of Veghel.  We chose the 25 km route, because Chris wanted to get back in time to help set up for 7th Sunday.  We saw familiar faces once again.  At Post 2, we were treated to a Morgan drive-by (photo).  A great day--a great tradition! Including the trips to Dinther, we were for 41 and 56 km, respectively. pics (40) gps-tracked route vat-oe-fiets 25 km

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