Sunday, April 14, 2013

Johan Sees Abraham Skate

Sunday, 14-April-2013 - Venray - Johan (photo) turned 50 today--a special day to celebrate.  In Holland when one turns 50, men and women see the wisdom of Abraham and Sara, respectively.  I met Jan at the carpool meeting point and we drove to Oda Park in Venray, the starting point of our skating tour, as well as the venue of other Abraham celebration activities. Johan was our guide today.  Six Fun-on-Wheels skaters--good for 22 km. While Johan went home to prepare for the afternoon activities, Jan and I walked around Oda park. 60 guests joined us later for a toast, a tune, and a picnic. pics (152)
I'll Be Home  (2:21)
hiep, hiep, hiep (14 sec)
skate route (thanks to Yvonne)

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