Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Night Skate Zürich?

Monday, 5-September-2011 - Pfäffikon/Einseideln/Zürich - Ria announced that the calf was born about 0300. I couldn't get to sleep after wakening for someone's snoring episode. On my way to the toilet, I saw that the morning milking had just started. I watched for awhile before going back to bed. It was still raining when we got up. After breakfast, we thanked our hosts and headed for the Einseideln Monastery for some sightseeing. We then drove back to the youth hostel in Zurich for the Monday Night Skate. It had stopped raining when we got there. We were on our own for a few hours--we'd meet back at 1730 to find out if the skate would take place. The sun came out after a few minutes--my hopes started rising. Marij and I found a nice place to eat lunch. pics (129)
Morning Milking at Lützelhof part 1 (19 sec) part 2 (22 sec)
Monday Night Skate part 1 (21 sec) part 2 (39 sec) part 3 (19 sec)
gps-tracked route part 1 part 2

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