Saturday, August 21, 2010

Skating the Electroworld 100 km

Saturday, 21-aug-2010 - Boekel - At the end of the day, I felt only admiration for all of the participants, volunteers, and organizers of this great event. I've been preparing and looking forward to this day all season--wanting to know if I had what it takes to finish the Electroworld 100 km. The sun shined throught the window around 0700 as I was getting my things together. Got to the starting point at 0920. Saw a lot of familiar and smiling Fun-on-wheels and Boekel Tuesday Evening skating faces. Spoke to fellow Waidring skiier Tini van Tienen. This was his 15th year for the Boekel 100 km--he was one of eight that finished the fist year. My thanks goes to Gerard, bicycling traffic controller, who helped me make it to the 80km rest stop, and also to Sijtze Hoekstra who gave me a helping hand for another 5 km. That's when Gerard said I was looking pretty tired and advised me to hop in the safety van. That's where I got to take some more pictures. After resting and bowl of soup, I biked back to Veghel.
100km route

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