Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rainbow Skating

Tuesday, 19-May-2009 - Boekel - I got up at 0500 today, and I was at work at 0730. I wanted to go skating, because it'd been two weeks since the last time I was on skates. I needed to build up my condition. I wasn't certain the weather would cooperate, but there was a chance that the rain showers would skirt around Boekel. I got on my bike at 1815 and headed for Boekel. The cloulds were ominus, but they were also moving rather quickly from south to north. Before I got out of Veghel it started to rain. I stopped to put on my windbreaker. It wasn't water-proof, but it kept me warm. Halfway to Erp, it came down pretty good. I was soaked. Maybe it was dry in Boekel, I thought. I had to find out. At the other side of Erp, it wasn't raining, and the roads were dry. When I got to the Electroworld starting point, it was dry and there were a dozen skaters assembled catching up on the latest news. Jos announce that we'd keep an eye on the weather, and we cut it short if needed so as not to avoud getting wet. We departed at 1900 with twenty skaters in two groups. It turned out to be a great 25 km skate with sunshine and rainbows. I got back home at 2215 tired and with muscles hurting. All I could think of was a warm shower and a good night's rest.

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