Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First Boekel Tuesday Evening Skate

Tuesday, 14-April-2009 - Boekel - We had a great turnout and great weather for the first Tuesday Evening Skate in Boekel organized by the Boekel Skate and Skeeler Group. Thirty-six men and women, including eight Fun on Wheels skaters, were good for an hour of fun--about 15 km. Until last year, I thought I could never make it to Boekel in time to start at 1900--I work in Tilburg--an hour drive from Veghel; and I normally don't get off until 1800. This year, I changed my schedule--going in to work earlier so I can put in eight hours and get home in time to go skating. Last evening, I was asleep at 2200 so I could get up at 0400. I left for work at 0600, and I got many surprized looks when I walked in. Marij called around 1300 to see how I was holding out. I had my afternoon dip a couple of hours early. The sun was shining brightly when I headed for home at 1600. Rosan was cooking when I arrived home. I had some fried chicken and potatoe salad. I called around for a ride to Boekel. Jan was recovering from a skiing injury. He would be out of the running for another month. I got a ride from Ron and Chris. We picked up Maureen along the way.

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