Thursday, May 26, 2022

Vat-oe-fiets 2022

Thursday, 26-May-2022 - Veghel - It's Ascension Day and time to vat-oe-fiets (grab your bike). It's a tradition. Each year the route takes me along paths I've seen for the first time like this one (photo). I stopped to take this picture, I heard birds and frogs close by (listen to video clip). The route also took us by the Spijkerkapel (nail chapel). I spent a while there praying for my family, and for the Ukraine.  I saw familiar faces and old friends Netty and Peter, and made some new ones, including Jan, Mia, and Harrie. Thanks to all the volunteers who made this possible. I was good for 46 km. pics (164) gps-tracked route birds and frogs (1:04)

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