Sunday, May 8, 2022

Sunday Fun on Wheels

Sunday, 9-May-2022 - Oirschot - It's Mother's Day. I first had to fix a hole in my fanny pack before heading out for Oirschot, our starting point for today. The sun came out as I was putting my skates on, so I didn't have to wear a jacket. It turned out to be a glorious day. The countryside was beautiful! I seemed to be getting stronger every time I'd go skating--22 km on Tuesday on 12 km on Thursday. I thought I could manage 30 km today with a coffee break in the middle. Boy was I wrong. I just couldn't get my speed up--I didn't have enough power. My heart medicine lowers my pulse, so I'm not pumping enough blood to go faster. I hope this will get better over time. I was slowing down the group. At the 11 km mark, I heard that the coffee break was still nine kilometers away in Boskant. That was too far for me. Pieter, our guide, suggested Henriette accompany me back to Oirschot via a shortcut. That turned out to be great idea for everyone. We made it back about 20 min before the others showed up. 11 skaters: Frans, Johan, Karin, Manuela, Marcella, Maurice, Pieter, Ria, Tonnie, Yvonne, and me, moped rider Toon, and bicyclist Henriette. Most were good for 30 km. Henriette and I: 19 km. Thanks to everyone for a great day! pics (41)  my gps-tracked route

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