Thursday, May 19, 2022

De Toren Skating in Den Bosch

Thursday, 19- May-2022 - Den Bosch - We got 15 mm of pouring rain this afternoon--the water barrels were full again, but the sun came out and dried up most of the pavement. We met at De Toren and drove to the Majorca Bar, our starting point for this evening. Wim our guide took us first along the Maxima Canal, and then into the beautiful city of Den Bosch. It took me a while to get up steam. There were also leaves and twigs on the pavement to watchout for. At the halfway point, we stopped at the Verkade Fabriek for coffee and apple crumble. It was so busy inside the restaurant that Magda brought the order herself (photo). The second half seemed to go easier for me--I think it was the extra energy from the apple crumble. Six staters good for 24 km. pics (44) gps-tracked route

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