Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Tuesday Evening Boekel Inline Skating

Tuesday, 26-April-2022 - Boekel -  We headed for the Volkel Airbase for a 25 km tour. Four skaters Bart van der Heijden (photo), Helie, Jan, and I (for the first time on skates this year in Boekel), and bicyclist Bart van den Heuvel. We were going to pickup Ria along the way. I thought I could handle it, because I skated 16 km last Thursday, and 27 km on Sunday. We had just started when I noticed that I didn't  have my camelbak (with water, tools, and lights) on. Bart and Helie continued on--I said I'd do a shorter route. I went back to the starting point for my gear. Bart called me up at the halfway mark to see if I was okay. it was pretty windy where he was. As it turned out, 18 km was plenty for me. the others were goo for 25 km. pics (30) my gps tracked route

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