Thursday, April 21, 2022

De Toren Skating

Thursday, 21-April-2022 - Dinther - It was my first time skating with a group this year. I thought, the longer I wait, the harder it'll be to keep up. we met two new recruits just outside of town (photo). We made sure they were safe until their owner came to escort them back home. Apparently, they manage to escape regularly. I fell behind soon after we continued. Bettina asked how it was going. I said pretty tough. Maybe you should head back. Okay, you go on with the others. I looked at my distance. I was only 3 km. Six kilometers is to short for a workout, I thought, so I kept on going to se how far I could get. Five skaters Henk, Magda, Martin, Monique, and I--Bettina on bicycle. Everyone else was good for 18.5 km--15.9 km for me. pics (33)  my gps-tracked route.

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