Sunday, April 24, 2022

Fun-on-Wheels Anniversary Tour

Sunday, 24-April-2022 - Oirschot - I arrived in plenty of time at Maria's place in Keldonk for the Fun-on-Wheels 25th Anniversary Tour. It was actually last year, but delayed due to Covid-19. I was greeted by energetically bleating sheep (photo). But something was wrong. I was the only one there. I thought maybe Maria was doing a last minute errand before the guests arrived. I looked around. Dogs barking, house locked. I checked my agenda: at Pieter's in Oirschot. Oops! I was on automatic pilot. Our 20th anniversary was six years ago in Keldonk. I showed up in Oirschot just in time for the medal ceremony. Since I skated 16 km on Thursday, I thought I could handle 25 km today--I was counting on a sit-down coffee break halfway. Today's tour took us past Eindhoven Airport. Thanks to Pieter our guide and host, and to Annie and my other bicycling angels Annet, Desiree, and Henriƫtte who helped me get back in one piece. 20 skaters and seven bicyclists were good for 27 km. pics (52) gps-tracked route

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