Friday, February 25, 2011

Student Bus Travelers at Peril--Part 2

Friday, 25-February-2011 - Veghel - Was called today by Veghel township executive Annemieke van de Ven, as well as Bundersweg Reconstruction project leader Joris Jansen. They both shared my concerns for the safety of the student bus travelers at the N265 ROC de Leijgraaf location. This is a temporary situation which should last five more weeks when the bus stops at the new round-about will be ready for use. At that time, the "temporary" N265 ROC bus stops will be de-activated. Travelers need to use the nearby pedestrian crossing at the Cor van Schie intersection. It's one's own responsiblility to cross safely using existing means. This crossing has been modified to immediately stop automobile traffic when a pedestrian pushes the button. As for warning signs, I was informed that 30 km/hr speed limit signs already exist to regulate the traffic for this construction area. I told them than I did not see these signs, but I'd have a look today. I accepted that the township had taken the necessary measures to keep this area safe. Now, to figure out why traffic doesn't slow down, and why students continue to dangerously cross the road (photo). I rode my bike to checkout the location once more. Approaching from the ASV intersection, I discovered a one 30 km sign in clear view; but traffic passed by at 50-60 km/hr. Drivers didn't seem to notice this single sign among the several large yellow information signs--until I stood next to it taking pictures. at the "Cor van Schie" bus stop, I asked a student who had just crossed the road with three friends. She replied that she got used to doing it this way--it had become a habit. I then spoke to Suzanne Kuipers at the ROC de Leijgraaf. She would post another intranet message for the faculty and student body. She would also speak to her colleague at the Fioretti College. I then rode to approach the ROC from Mariaheide. I discovered the 30 km sign was not visible to drivers--it was hidden by a row of trees and a large yellow information sign. Mr Jansen needs to be informed of this. I remembered how signs for changing speed limits were posted in other areas of town, so I went looking for good examples whch could be applied at the N265 ROC de Leijgraaf location.

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