Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Standing Water in Juliana Park

Tuesday, 15-February-2011 - Veghel - On my way to the Profile Tyre Center, I saw standing water in the Juliana Park. on my way back home, I stopped to take a closer look. It now has a resemblance to a tractor pull site; but except for a couple of "snow-" whitened trees and shrubs, it looks like it did before the Julia Winterpark: full of water. "It's difficult to return this park to its former condition after rain, snow, and more rain." 13-jan-2011 event organiser Jan-Hein Opheij. It's important to note that water had to be pumped out of the Juliana park prior to installing the Julia Winterpark (see prior link for photo). This was done wih the help of the township of Veghel. The Julia Winterpark was a wonderful event, but steps need to be taken to maintain the beauty of this park during the winter months.

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