Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Frozen AA-Broeken Nature Area

1-February-2011 - Veghel - Got another rush skating on 3cm ice cracking underneath me. This time I made rounds as near to the edge as I could. The pond is 280 meters long and 60 meters wide. I felt like Rocky Balboa, and started to "sing" the movie theme song. Then I thought about the Raymond van het Groenewoud concert, and I asked myself in Dutch, " How do I look"? After skating I walked around the nature area and saw it's frozen beauty. This area has rusty spring water which takes longer to freeze. This is probrably why I saw a common king fisher (Alcedo atthis)--ijsvogel in Dutch--before heading home. This bird relies on catching small fish. When water freezes over, the king fisher goes hungry.
rocky on ice
how do I look?
Guy with a Stick, Skating on the Ice
rusty spring water

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