Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Thin Ice at Aa-broeken Skating Pond

Tuesday, 27-February-2018 - This morning, I met Arjen and Angelique at the Aa-broeken skating pond.  They also wanted to skate as soon as it was safe. They walked with me as I inspected the ice from the bank. Three to five centimeters--one centimeter thicker since yesterday.  They decided to come back tomorrow and check again.  I came back in the afternoon to see young children sliding on the ice under the watchful eye of their mother.  She relayed to me that another child had just fell through thin ice on the other side of the pond.  It happened about 20 meters from the edge (photo).  His mother had helped him out of the ice-cold water, and she already took him home to dry off and warm up.  This was the thinnest spot on the pond--it was the last spot to freeze over.  The sun had melted the ice--it was now only one centimeter thick!  pics (32)

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Unknown said...

Lovely day Dale! Thanks for all the great insights on ice!