Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Aa-broeken Pond Not Yet Safe for Skating

Wednesday, 28-February-2018 - Veghel - Jan and I agreed to meet at the Aa-broeken pond around 1100.  As I entered the path to the pond, I met a group of bundled-up childcare toddlers.  They had just been on the ice with their babysitters.  I just had said hi to Mieke H, and I was chatting with Desiree as I was putting on my skates. Just as I was about to go onto the ice, a man fell through directly across from us.  He pulled himself out out of the icy water and made it to the edge.  Desiree walked around the pond with my jacket to keep him warm.  He turned it down and made his way home. Jan I made a few rounds before deciding not to press out luck.  The ice was cracking under my skates, even in the center on the west side of the pond where I expected it to be the thickest.  Green plants under the ice soaked up the sun so it was only about 3-4 cm thick.  After I got off the ice, I walked around the pond with Mieke vE and Jan before heading home myself.  This pond is not safe for skating! pics (27)

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