Saturday, June 21, 2014

Longest Day Skate

Saturday, 21-June-2014 - Veghel - First a little cool and cloudy, but then the sun came out, and my long sleeves came off.  I was eager to test my new skate alignment. I had just received my second set of 2-Deg shims earlier this morning in the mail from Skate-Dump. Smooth roads, grazing dairy cattle, and knee-high corn. On this longest day of the year.  I thought of Omni skate friends Alle and Jurgen, who today with 70 other inline skaters were on their way to set a Guinness World Record for the Dutch Kidney Foundation--goal:  skate 350 kilometers in 24 hours in a group, without sleeping!  Respect for these super sportsmen.  One Fun-on-Wheels skater--good for 22 km. pics (82) gps-tracked route
RIJM2014 Rondje ijsselmeer markermeer (around the lakes) 20-06-2014 clip (5:34)
rijm2014 photos 20-21-juni-2014 (135)
Flevoland News Report (2:06)
Stories After the Finish  by Participants (Dutch--copy and paste in Google Translate for English)

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