Saturday, June 21, 2014

Inline Skate Alignment

Saturday, 21-June-2014 - Veghel - I think my skates are aligned right for me now (see road test link).  When I first bought these skates three years ago, I was afraid to adjust the frames.  Now, I know it's what you need to do before you leave the store. Standing straight over your wheels makes a world of difference.  When skating, I'd see some skaters standing straight, and some pronated (ankles angled inwards), especially when tired at the end of a tour (that was me, too).  Here is an example of poor alignment.  Here is what to do about it. pics (50)

Inline Skate Alignment Road Test (34 sec)

Bill Beggs Correcting Pronation
Bill Beggs, Australian Inline Skating Coach
Speed skater Alex aus München alignment tutorial (2016) (6:19)

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