Friday, July 26, 2013

Skate Bearing Cleaning, Again

Friday, 26-July-2013 - Ronald had a tightened wheel he couldn't get loose, so I took it home to see what I could do.  We skated on some wet pavement last night, so I also needed at least to clean off the sand on the outside.  The wheels weren't peeping last night, so I didn't pull the bearings out right away.  This morning when I saw all the sand on the wheels (photo), and after hearing some rumbles, I wanted to see how the bearings looked inside.  pics (52)
spin test--pre-clean (2:04)
removing and installing bearings in wheel (2:36)
installing wheels in skate frame and spin test--post-clean and lube (6:38)
left skate spin test--post-clean and lube (2:27)

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