Saturday, July 6, 2013

Eten en Skaten

Saturday, 6-July-2013 - Oirschot - It's a yearly tradition:  Eten en Skaten (eating and inline skating, pronunced 8-ten 'n skate-ten) with host and guide Pieter.  It was warm and sunny--perfect skating weather.  Alice, Ashwin, Bart, Bob, Coby, Conny, Frans, Helen, Henri√ętte, Jenny, Karin, Manuela, Marcella, Peter,  Pieter, Ria, Toon, Wil, and me--18 skaters and one solex rider--we were good for 57 km. pics (316)
gps-tracked route part 1
vendelen to Brabant by Guus Meeuwis (4:13)

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