Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gülser-Mosel-Skaters in Brabant

Saturday, 29-June-2013 - Oirschot - In 2009,  the Gülser-Mosel-Skaters were the guides for a Fun-on-wheels weekend tour of the Lorelei countryside near Koblenz.  Now, Gülser-Mosel-Skaters Anja (photo), Heike, Helmut, Jan, Peter, Sonja, and Sophie were here to enjoy a weekend of skating in Brabant. Along with Fun-on-Wheels skaters Astrid, Bart, Conny, Maria, Mieke, Pieter, Tonnie and me, we all met in Oirschot at our guide Pieter's home. There, we were treated with coffee, Oirschot cookies, and a flag-waving drill demonstration (vendelen in Dutch, also called vendelzwaaien). Thanks to all, especially Pieter, for a wonderful day together. 15 skaters--good for 70 km. pics (239)  vendelen 16-june-2012 (6:42)
gps-tracked route (extra 17 km sitting in car on the way home) 

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