Saturday, June 15, 2013

Flying Display Day 2

Saturday, 15-June-2013 - Volkel Air Base - We got a short but heavy shower of rain in the morning.  Chris picked me up at noon, and we headed for Volkel. The traffic was backed up at the villlage of Volkel near the air base.  We saw "Stitch" the Dutch Solo pilot taking his F-16 through it's paces under dark clouds above Swiss Sense before riding our bikes to the main entrance. When we got to the airfield, the air was clear and sky was blue--a great day for an air show.  Today, we stood near the Frecce Tricolori as they taxied to the runway the leader. the solo pilot Captain Fabio Capodanno (photo) waved as he rolled by.  150,000 people came to see the action today!  pics (919)

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