Saturday, January 15, 2011

Honus BioLogical Diary Farm

Saturday, 15-January-2011 - De Rips - Got up at 0515 today to join Johan to watch and maybe help milk his cows. Start time was 0645. I had a standing invitation. He knew I milked cows when I worked as a farmhand in Michigan. Johan volunteered to host this year's Fun-on-Wheels (FOW) family day at Honus (the name of the biological dairy farm he runs with his brother Kees). The FOW family day committee was to meet at 1000, but I wanted to get a first-hand look before then. At Honus, cows have names, not just numbers.
video clips:
Milking Cows at Honus--Part 1
Milking Cows at Honus--Part 2
Milking Cows at Honus--Part 3

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