Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Day Winter

Friday, 24-December-2010 - Got about 12 cm of snow last night. Spent most of the day shoveling and playing in the snow. Had a 0950 appointment at the hostipal. I was sweating after two hours of shoveling. Dr van Hulsteijn was pleased with results of MRI, X-ray and blood work. I'll continue on Prednison (2x5mg), and I'll see him again in four weeks. Need to wait to start play volleybal again. Spoke to two ice skaters (photo) who were checking out conditions at the AA-Broeken. It was slushy. It will get cold tonight and tomorrow night. I'll check back on Sunday. Our TNT postwoman complimented me on our clean driveway. I was glad she had strap-on spikes to get around in this slippery weather. Looking forward to going to the Christmas Eve service at 2300 at Sint-Lambertus with Rosan.

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