Friday, September 22, 2017

Fun-on-Wheels Flaeming Weekend 2017--Day 3

Friday, 22-September-2017 - Werder - Today's skate was a puzzle tour.  After a great breakfast, we were split into four groups to navigate the route and solve various questions along the way.  In Dennewitz, we met a group of very friendly and curious beaver rats (photo).  They were just like the one we saw last summer at ZieZoo in Volkel with Logan and Jakob.  I was in group 4 along with  Adriaan, Clemens, Inge, Jennie, Maria, and Maurice.  Lunch break:  bratwurst and potatoe salad.  We were good for 60km.  After supper, we finished puzzle questions for extra points.  Then the non-marathon skaters discussed the tour options for Saturday. pics (329)

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